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NDIS Mental Health & Disability



Recovery Focused


Psychosocial Support

Mentaru Care is a Registered NDIS Provider of mental health support services providing mental health support workers. Through our mental health model, we are providing a high quality strengths and recovery approach to support, whereby we are building anchors in the community for people with a mental health illness/complexity to be more engaged, included and independent, by providing a methodology that amplifies the wellness and strengths of the individual.


We support and empower our participants in a strength and recovery focus with encouragement, professionalism and care through mentoring, leadership and psychosocial support, to help stabilise, maintain and build independence and improve quality of life.

We Provide:

Mental Health Disability Support

Community Support

In-Home Support

Mentaru Care Services

Zero tolerance of abuse to people with a Disability and in Aged Care




Achieve Your Goals & Well-Being

We have a high-quality approach that is founded on recovery and empowerment. We have an in-depth process of learning about you and who you are to co-create the greatest support environment that will build, encourage and maintain your independence. Our mental health support approach is about being a pillar of encouragement, hope and belief in you. All Mentaru Care employees are mental health trained, developed and work within a strong case management model that safeguards vulnerable people.

Unyielding Quality

In order to provide you with the strongest quality care available to you, we ensure our support workers are fully qualified, trained and developed to understand everyone’s individual requirements. This means we’re able to provide compassion, dignity, respect and care that you deserve.

Integrity & Transparency

We embody integrity, empathy and respect when working with every single individual, resulting in excellence. Our practices and methodologies are exemplary and aim to improve and mobilise the lives of people with disability and mental health illness in Australia. Our mission statement foundates an
“Unyielding quality
& Inclusion”, and our practices reflect this.

Compassion & Dignity

Whether you’re calling with a general enquiry, or finalising revising a care plan, our staff are concerned with one thing; YOU, your well being and independence. We understand that often people’s situations are complex and stressful, and the processes can seem tricky, but our staff are here to help you with the services you need and advice you require.

Our Testimonials Do the Talking

We believe in going above and beyond for our clients and employees


Ethics & Values

Mentaru Care is guided by a set of

Ethics & Values. 

The leadership and integrity at Mentaru Care have transformed my son’s outlook and behaviour. My son lives with depression, crippling anxiety is mildly autistic and was suicidal. He has now gotten a job, has connected to different social groups with people his age and is waking up with more  positive outlook.

Jenny - Central Coast NSW

The people at Mentaru Care are extremely passionate and dedicated in establishing dignity and inclusion with clients and supporting them to become grounded and genuinely happier.  The leadership, professionalism and understanding of these people are outstanding!

Graham - Support Coordinator - Penrith

Over the past years I have been in and out of hospital for a range of dual diagnosed mental health conditions. I have had many attempts to end my life that has caused so much dismay. The team that makes up Mentaru Care have gone above and beyond to support people like myself and help me stabilise. I have stayed out of hospital for over 14 months and have achieve goals such as supported employment, new social group connections and completed a online course.

Mike - Ryde NSW

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